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2015-Apr-13 - Whose Rebellious Music Vid Is Better

Whose Rebellious Music Vid Is Better

Charli XCX recently released her It video featuring Rita Ora, and it totally reminded us of Lady Gaga vid, feat. Beyonce. cheap nba jerseys china Whose rebellious music vid do you like better?

There only one word to describe Lady Gaga and Beyonce music video, and that is FIERCE. Two of pop reigning women channel their not so inner badasses, infusing the vid with exactly the right blend of vibrant colors and totally kickass personas. Of course, they just so happen to commit a few crimes in the process, but they look hot as hell doing so.

Charli XCX and Rita Ora do wholesale nhl jerseys china it up in It, taking their lead from films like Louise, and Born Killers, Charli XCX said about the vid, noting that she also drew inspiration from strip clubs [and] 70s fashion. Of course, they may also take some cues from Gaga and Beyonce before them, even donning similar red, white and blue attire and speeding off in a getaway car. We totally obsessed!

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2015-Apr-13 - who inspired those fighting cancer

who inspired those fighting cancer

(CNN) If you don know who Stuart Scott was, those who do will likely point you to one particular speech to share why his death reverberates so strongly across the country.

Scott, a veteran anchor on ESPN, died Sunday after a seven year battle with cancer. He was 49.

He built a career as a sports anchor, but his eloquent observations on his battle with cancer, and the encouragement and motivation to others fighting the disease, made him a role model.

you die, that does not mean you lose to cancer, Scott said in the July speech at the ESPY Awards. beat cancer by how you live, why you live and the manner Wholesale Jerseys in which you live. is a line that anyone who has lost a loved one to cancer can take comfort in, and one being repeated Nike NFL Jerseys Wholesale much on Sunday, following Scott death.

Scott was accepting the Jimmy V Perseverance Award at the ESPYs, and honored the award namesake college basketball coach and broadcaster Jim Valvano by reflecting on Valvano own speech in 1993.

listened to what Jim Valvano said 21 years ago, the most poignant seven words ever uttered in any speech anywhere: give up. Never give up,' Scott said. not special; I just listen to what the man said. I listen to all that he said, everything that he asked of us. worked for ESPN for 21 years, and is credited with coining catchphrases like and cool as the other side of the pillow. was born in Chicago and grew up in North Carolina. His early career took him from Florence, South Carolina, to Raleigh, North Carolina, and later to Orlando.

Scott was diagnosed with stomach cancer in 2007.

During that speech, Scott spoke of counting on others for help, and the comfort of family members, even if only to cry with them on the phone.

His message was this: live, live. Fight like hell. that Cheap Nike Jerseys same speech, Scott made it clear what his priorities were.

have one more necessity it really two, he said, referring to his daughters. best thing I have ever done, the best thing I will ever do, is be a dad to Taelor and Sydni. It true. Eisen, a sportscaster for NFL Network who was previously Scott SportsCenter partner at ESPN, asked for prayers for Scott family during an emotional segment Sunday.

battled cancer as bravely as anybody else, and I know there many people out there who are battling cancer right now, Eisen said. would want you to know to keep fighting.

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2015-Apr-13 - Why Free Plans Don't Work

Why Free Plans Don't Work

I loved this article, but after thinking about it for a bit I realize that there is an argument for going free. Two pretty strong ones, in fact.1) If you want to get acquired and we're talking about a big acquisition here it would do to go free so you manage to score a big enough user base to get noticed. And so the bigger company is interested in acquiring you not only for your technology, but also for your users. (That said, acquisition may be a Cheap UGGs risky bet.)2) Going free also makes sense if you want total market dominance. In which case, free is really the only way to go. The other way is to make the best damn product in the market. I hate to give UGGs For Cheap cliched examples, but since we are talking market dominance, see Windows, Adsense and iPod. shadowsun7 1623 days ago linkNot always true, though. History is littered with examples of products that gained traction not because they were better, but because they were free. (See: BIND vs Jeeves, Stanford's Unix vs Berkeley's Unix, Minix vs Linux, UGGs Cheap Apache vs Microsoft/Netscape)At one point in all these product's lives they were lousier and smaller as compared to their competitors. But they won out because the low barrier to adoption (read: free) drove usage, and from usage, more improvements. revorad 1623 days ago linkThanks for pointing those out, I hadn't thought of them and can perhaps be accused of survivorship bias. Releasing free products and making money on other things has always been a viable way to compete against bigger, more established players. Walmart, fast food, webbrowsers. The main way a less cheap product wins a mass market is through massive advertising. Both Windows and Adsence rule because of the (practical) monopoly positions of their creators. iPod's only one that may have dominated for being the better product but If google started giving away crappy media players they would quickly out dominate iPods. sourc3 1623 days ago linkI really think there is a missing piece of context here. Startup founders (especially micro ISVs) need to understand the fact that coming up with a business model is the core of the business not an afterthought. damoncali 1624 days ago linkI can see iPod and Adsense, but Windows? Windows won for very, very different reasons. When Windows first appeared, it was far from the best product on the market. It won because it was already everywhere (because of DOS). Microsoft practically invented the "give it away to ensure market dominance" game (Ok, slight hyperbole there). Heck, even now after goofing up with Vista, they are back with Windows 7.

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2015-Apr-13 - Why Would Anyone Hold a Bad Meeting

Why Would Anyone Hold a Bad Meeting

Surveys show that companies waste an average of 20% of their payroll on bad meetings. And that's just the beginning of the problem. Meetings keep people away from the tasks they were hired to perform tasks that make money for the company and keep the business ahead of the competition.

In fact, if people waste time in meetings, you can conclude that they are doing the wrong thing cheap michael kors bags while they are in a meeting.

Although it's true that senior executives spend much of their time in meetings, you can bet that a business is in trouble if their meetings are out of control.

Top executives should use meetings to develop, review, and revise strategy. If they spend their time just talking about stuff, then they are goofing off on the job.

Since bad meetings are so wasteful, you may wonder why anyone tolerates them. Unfortunately, many business leaders think that their meetings are just fine. They even believe that they're experts at holding effective meetings.

For example, when I phone companies to ask if they would be interested in improving their meetings, I sometimes encounter an assistant who assures me that the executives believe that they hold wonderful meetings. Then the assistant snickers, coughs softly, and regains enough composure to state that they don't need my services. At this point the assistant sounds like someone on a sinking ship who is throwing a life jacket into the water.

And that must make you wonder: why would any intelligent person hold a meeting that wastes everyone's time and produces nothing.

There are easy answers such as 1) they don't know that their meetings could be effective, 2) they don't know what an effective meeting is like, or 3) they don't know how to hold an effective meeting.

But what about the rest of them? That is, what about all of the executives who know how to plan and organize and run an effective business, but still hold bad meetings?

Let's dig deeper. These executives actually want to hold bad meetings because they prove to be useful. Here's how.

Bad meetings provide a sophisticated form of executive busyness. Some people find this useful because it keeps them from having to work on difficult tasks such as planning, coaching, learning, and communicating. Compared to these difficult tasks, sitting in a conference room is easy. In fact, it is so easy that a six year old could do it, assuming you could convince the child to stay inside for such a pointless activity.

Better: An effective meeting is business activity where people work together.

Bad meetings never end with decisions, which means that no one ends up being held responsible for doing anything. Some people find this useful because responsibility implies accountability and accountability requires results. Thus, without responsibility there is no failure and everyone appears to perform well. This masks poor performance so that everyone continues to receive raises and promotions, even when they accomplish nothing because (you guessed it) they spent all of their time sitting in meetings.

Better: Effective meetings produce decisions that someone is responsible for implementing.

Bad meetings feature all of the elements of a good drama, such as conflict, tension, and pain. For example, the participants deliver self michael kors handbags wholesale aggrandizing reports, denigrate their colleagues, and engage in politics. Some really terrible meetings play out like pathetic battlegrounds with verbal gladiators battling for favors while the boss watches.

Better: Effective meetings occur in a safe environment of respect.

Bad meetings become an enviable executive perk when they provide snacks, coffee, and (sometimes) meals. The attendees then use eating to offset the boredom of having to hear meaningless discussions. It also saves them the expense of having to buy food.

Better: Meals should be a separate activity used to build relationships and (sometimes) rest.

Bad meetings resemble a party. People tell stories, trade jokes, and argue over trivia. Some meetings feature comedy performances by the office fool. Others feature humorous belittlements by the office bully. And if neither of these occurs, the absolutely unbelievable discussions amaze and entertain everyone.

Better: Effective meetings use process tools to make methodical progress toward results.

All of this shows why the type of meetings held in a company should be of major concern when making investment decisions. If the executives need to learn how, that can be fixed by scheduling a workshop. Then you might consider investing in the company, after they complete the workshop. If, however, the executives hold bad meetings to avoid fundamental leadership responsibilities, you should seek other investments.

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2015-Apr-13 - Wildcats can hone their finals claws again

Wildcats can hone their finals claws again

It would be a little like stepping into the shoes of Alex Ferguson at Manchester United. Success is a given, expected, even demanded. How you get there is up to you just ensure the destination is reached.

For the past 17 years, the Perth Wildcats have been a fixture in the NBL finals, having won four championships and only last season reaching the grand final, losing to the Sydney Kings.

Soon after, coach Alan Black was sacked. Of course, there was more to it than simply not winning the finale but it was an indication of how the club treats success. Black's assistant, Mike Ellis, was eventually given the top job, his first head coaching position. "I wouldn't say it's a no win situation but the history of the club certainly puts a hell of lot of pressure on you," said Ellis this week in the lead up to the Wildcats game against the Hawks in Wollongong tonight. "The bottom line is there is going buy replica oakley to be a time when we don't make the play offs. It will be tough for whoever it is coaching at that time. It is a record [the club's] that has been an amazing one and from my perspective I didn't want it to happen in my first year of coaching.

"It's taken for granted that you'll make the play offs and even if you don't make the semis it's looked at as a failure. There is an air of expectation, irrespective of who you are. The bottom line is . . . you have to make the play offs. It's a gimme."

No win situation . . . that summed up Ellis's initiation to NBL coaching. The Wildcats lost their first three games and as the season approached midway they looked gone, the run looked over. They sat fake oakleys on the ladder's lower rungs, having won just four of 14 games and the season had hit a low when the Kings beat them by 33 points.

"I'd love to say I had absolute confidence in myself but I had to look at myself as well," Ellis recalled. ". . . I needed to look at myself first and the players second and I was second guessing myself: 'What aren't I doing right, what can I do better, am I doing this or that?' There were sleepless nights and I aged exponentially.

"I was always relatively confident we could arrest the situation and get back on track but the longer it went the less confident I was it was going to happen."

Ellis wasn't just another Wildcats coach he was a favoured son: he was captain of Perth when they entered the NBL in 1982, held the role for 11 years, winning two titles on the way, and soon after retiring became an assistant coach, winning another championship in 2000.

He conceded his past probably held the wolves at bay during the bad times. "The media here [Perth] were very good, they weren't out to lynch me, which I've seen happen on numerous occasions. They weren't out with pitchforks and the scythes, and the crowd were similar. In as much as they were disappointed in the way we were going, they were giving me a little latitude. But it also hurt me from a personal point of view because of the association I've had with the club."

It's said all coaching contracts are written in invisible ink and when a board gives you "its full support" you are really on the verge of being axed. Yet, it didn't quite reach that stage with Ellis.

"There were couple of people knocking on the door for a while and I shut the blinds and refused to answer it," he said. "The board were very supportive but they also felt the pressure. We had to perform. The owners were very good and positive but it did get to a stage where they were saying, 'We'll help where we can but we've got to get some results'. That was make or break time, and, thankfully, that was when we did start to turn it around."

After their hiding in Sydney, the team returned home to prepare to play New Zealand two days later D Day. Ellis cancelled the team's day off and, instead, he and owner Andrew Vlahov met with each player for their thoughts on the problems.

Vlahov and Ellis produced some strategies they wanted to implement, made changes to some aspects of the club and told the players they expected them to step up and make adjustments.

All their jobs were on the line, as by now the fans were sick of losing and staying away. "They will put up with you losing if you're seen to be giving it a red hot crack," Ellis said. "They won't like it but they will live with it. We were unacceptable."

The changes worked: Perth beat New Zealand, won four of their next five games and saved their season. Now, the turnaround is complete. They are in sixth spot and history is intact as they are assured of a finals berth for an 18th consecutive season. And while Ellis still wants to make a finals impact, he's a little surer he'll have his job next season.

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2015-Apr-13 - Willowbrook baseball has pieces to contend for

Willowbrook baseball has pieces to contend for conference

Despite the losses to graduation, coach Vic Wisner thinks the Warriors still have enough pieces to contend in the Gold again. Case, a Division I recruit bound for High Point, and Jake Cady, committed to NAIA Campbellsville, give the team a pair of quality pitchers at the top of the rotation. Cady will also be a big part of the lineup, along with seniors Mike Rothmund and Brian Johnson. Rothmund is a big, powerful first baseman headed for Illinois Springfield.

Seniors Tyler Vavrek and Tyler Zunkel, a transfer from York, also have varsity experience. Zunkel brings speed cheap evening dresses to the leadoff spot in the batting order.

The current junior class won the conference title as sophomores. Talents such as catcher Dom McDonnell, outfielder Trey Jones and pitcher Mike Petruzzi will try to make an early impact.

Sophomore pitcher Matt Pizur had an impressive summer and has the inside track to join Case and Cady in the three man conference rotation.

"I believe we will be very deep in our pitching department," Wisner said. "I think we could really surprise some people who think we lost so much with last year's team. replica christian louboutin We will be able to put the ball in play better and run better than we have."

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